On-Time & On-Budget Shipping Supplies

At Kryder Wood Products in Rockford, IL, we are proud to offer trusted material handling services, which includes manufacturing quality shipping supplies and ensuring that our customers receive exactly what they've asked for on time and on budget. No matter if you need custom-made products to your exact specifications or a variety of sizes, we have the pallet solutions for you.
Comprehensive Professional Staff:

Kryder Wood Products has a full-time professional staff that offers friendly comprehensive assistance from design to delivery.

ISPM-15 Standard (Heating Treating):

ISPM-15 Standard is a service we provide to assist you in meeting shipping regulations.

Vendor Managed Inventory:

Kryder Wood Products will assist you in maintaining adequate inventory levels.

Free Pallet Removal:

Kryder Wood Products is willing to remove unwanted pallets at no charge for our customers.

Protect Your Goods

Make sure your materials and goods are well protected with the quality wood pallets and shipping containers made by Kryder Wood Products. We are here to provide peace of mind to our customers by adhering to high standards of excellence in all that we do. To experience the difference we can make to your business or operation, contact Kryder Wood Products today.